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Dear all,

On the 7th of October 2023, an unprovoked, murderous terror attack was committed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the state of Israel.

Thousands of Israelis were killed, wounded, burned, butchered, and/or taken hostage. These victims include men, women, children, and the elderly.

Israel is now in a state of war and is threatened by enemies on multiple fronts, including Gaza, Lebanon, and Iran.

Many families have not only lost their loved ones but have also lost everything they ever owned. To support both the military and civilian efforts, we, the Megiddo Gliding Center (a non-profit organization), have established a donation fund.


This fund is authorized by the government, and its primary goal is to address civilian and military needs. These needs include humanitarian aid, clothing, basic electrical equipment, protective gear, and more.


All 120 of our society members have put their lives on hold and are committed to devoting 100% of our time to identify needs, raise money, and contribute to the cause.

We will continue to do so for as long as necessary, without wavering.


Israel's strength lies not only in the unity of its citizens but also in the support from people around the world who stand with Israel's right to life and freedom.


We kindly ask you to strengthen Israel by donating to the bank details provided below.

Thank you for your tremendous support.

Sincerely, Nahum Swid

Chairman of the Megiddo Gliding Center

Together, we will help Israel prevail and assist the Israeli victims in rebuilding their lives.

donation Info

Megiddo Gliding center bank account for donations:


IBAN :IL880310480000000009202

לתרומה באמצעות חשבון בנק של קלוב התעופה המאפשר זיכוי מס על התרומה:

תרומות לחשבון זה זכאיות לניכוי פטור ממס הכנסה בהתאם לסעיף 46.

יש לציין בעת ההפקדה: "תרומה להצטיידות חיילים"

בנק לאומי (10)
סניף 806
חשבון 844600/38
עמותה 580002855
קלוב התעופה לישראל



If you have any questions and/or requests,

please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Dr. Jonathan Wolf


Stav Wolf


Nahum Swid


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